WIP-Hairport: The most authentic hairdresser’s salon in Lisbon. An out-of-the-ordinary hair-cutting experience with exciting results.

Located on the romantic Elevador da Bica, WIP-Hairport is Lisbon‘s prime address for getting your hair into shape. Our haircuts, done in a 100-year-old storeroom, are state of the art. Our strong point: personalized advice.

Of course, WIP-Hairport is more than a hairdresser’s salon. We consider ourselves an interface of cultural transfer. In a creative international setting Sabine Pawlik and her stylists make sure that relaxed people with worry-free heads leave the Hairport!

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WIP – hairport salon
Rua da Bica Duarte Belo 47-49 (ao Elevador da Bica)
1200-054 Lisbon Portugal


monday to friday 11:00 – 21h30 and Sat 11:30 – 20:00
Please make the reservation by phone: 213 461 486

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2 Responses to “wip-hairport the independent hairdresser in lisbon portugal”

  1. Veronica Quitalo Says:

    I miss you!!!!!

    I still can’t find in austin nothing like you do 😦

    Kisses from Veronica To all of you!!


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