WIP-hairport, I shouldn’t mention it here and on the net – though never had the honour to get my hair cut by you folks I dreamt of WIP last night.

Jezz did cut my hair. The place was a dark, victorian building, brick walls and cast iron doors. Lots of stairs – something like Jenners in Edinburgh, just darker.
The guy in the chair next to me was trying to steal a straight razor the whole time and Ivy, the hairartist working on him had to make him put it back into her bag – an old fashioned leather bag, like the doctor bags from back in the time. He was on my left and I just had some dark red dye applied to my hair. The bag was between the two chairs and contained scissors, brushes and combs, rollers – and this straight razor. Whatever Ivy needed, she would get out.

I just wish I knew what haircut I got. I remember it was longer than it is now, but we weren’t done yet. So no idea what Jezz created 😦

The guy ran away with the straight razor. It was a lovely old fashioned piece…and we were all chasing him to get it back for the lovely Ivy. I still had the dye in my hair and was wearing a black cape…
Unfortunately we didn’t get him. Shady person…if I meet him again I make sure she gets the razor back.
I like my dreams, they are always so strange and don’t make sense 😉
Now I only have to meet Ivy and Jezz.


A few sentences about me?
I’m a legal alien, a German living in the Netherlands. 38 years on paper, mental age we don’t talk about.
Very happily married to the best frog ever, two cats. Princesses marry princes, I never wanted to be a princess, so I got me a cute and cuddly frog.
I read a lot, speak four different languages and constantly listen to music, often singing along.
I twist rope around sticks into different shapes, also called knitting and crochet.

Another constant thing is changing my hair. From hair down to my elbow to shaved with patterns I coloured myself through the rainbow.
Hair is a canvas for me, that’s also why I love your creative creations at Hairport so much. It grows back and I adore people who dare and think outside the box.
Oh – and spirals make me happy. No matter where, I love me some spirals.