silvia pereira hair artist from toledo

silvia pereira stylist from toledo

today silvia our girl from toledo answered some questions :

How long are you working in the salon by now?
I’ve been living in Lisbon and working at Hairport for almost 7 years.

How comes that you are still here – isn’t it boring?

Well, on one side it is very tempting to move to some place else and start all over, but on the other side it’s also interesting to have a routine and to know how to deal with that. As long as I continue to have the liberty and support to explore other interests it will be a pleasure working here.

What would you really like to try out one day (but your client’s or you are too afraid)?

Something that I have never dared to do on a customer nor on me, but I just love it: a bob cut with everything clipped until above the ears. Does somebody dare to do this?

where would you like to work (at least for a while)

In Mexico City or in New York.

silvia double take
silvia double take

What do you think about fashion magazine cover page girls?

I think that this type of magazine is for the H&M or Zara generation that tends to democratize fashion because everybody has access to it and all the girls from Beja to Tokyo seem to dress, walk and have the same attitude.
These magazines are stereotyping teenagers more and more.

Why do you like Alex de la Iglesia movies?
I just love this Spanish director because he is dynamic, brutal, fun and he knows how to choose the soundtracks. He’s the Spanish Tarantino and recommend the film “Perdita Durango” starring Javier Barden and Rosie Perez.

What kind of music do you like these days?
Definitely Colombian Cumbia

silvia on elevador da bica

silvia on elevador da bica


springtime at hairport

February 22, 2009

since the sun is out for more than a week now and the temperatures are rising we decided it’s springtime in lisbon. one afternoon was mostly dedicated to restyle ourselfs and get some color in our hair – it was fun obviously!

silvia working on inês

silvia working on inês

exchanging ideas and experiment on each others hair brings a lot of feedback into our everyday live. the comments of the people on the street, of our clients, our friends and our families fuel our creativity. the teamwork and the teamspirit is the most important thing within the wip-hairport salon.

the spring collection presented by inês and jezz :)

the spring collection presented by inês and jezz 🙂 - haircuts by silvia, color by neria

in general one can say the work and the colleagues are quite boring and narrow minded! 😀

no fun for four

no fun for four