Haidressers without limits

September 5, 2008

Haidressers without limits

Instead of attending regular workshops or courses, WIP-Hairport goes one step further. Hairdressers at WIP-Hairport have the chance to swap with a hairdesser from another european country for one month. Another culture, different costumes, trends, friends, … how challenging could that be? The aim is to learn different techniques and demands and return with new ideas as a way to encourage creativity. Our customers will benefit the most from this swap, of course, because they will have another professional haidresser available at WIP-Hairport, someone with the newest trends from another country.
Silvia already had this experience. She has swapped with Liane who works at Fortschnitt in Vienna, Austria (http://www.fortschnitt.at).

Haidressers without limits – a round-trip ticket to refresh your mind!

Silvias report:

Thanks to Sabine’s open mind and wisdom, along with my curiosity e adventurous spirit, a project called “Hairdressers without limits” arose.
It’s not supposed to be a NGO, but it is a very positive way to develop both personally and professionally… and its for free. It’s a a form of learning and an alternative to the extremely expensive workshops that only a few people can attend because the most can’t afford them and generally there’s no active participation in them. Besides, in some courses knowledge is sacrificed to promote the sponsors.

Our first experience has overcome our expectations. This concept consists of an interchange of stylists from two salons from different countries during a short or long period of time. Both salons should have the same style and both stylists should have similar professional experience. We have also changed apartments in this experience. Me and Liane have swapped lives for 3 weeks. Since we didn’t know anything from each other, we have communicated by e-mail to gain some confidence. What motivated me the most was the opportunity to improve my english.

The main goal of this experience is to learn other cut, color and styling techniques from other salons, as well as to interact with a country and its culture. When we return, we notice the improvements. We are full of new ideas and energy that quickly expands to the rest of the team. Both salons benefit from the techniques, styles and performances brought by the visiting stylist.

We dream of creating a european network of professional stylists who share the same willing and the same thirst of knowledge as us.