purple hair color

September 3, 2008

one of our old friends and regular clients. she likes to change her hairstyle a lot and the short cut and the color match her face and skin tone very well.

short purple hair

short purple hair


hairdesign “the eye”

August 30, 2008

hair cut hairdesign “the eye”

Originally uploaded by wip-hairport

this cut and color was done by jezz back in 2007, quite amazing how she managed to combine her artistic and her hairdressing skills. one more cut that made the people on the streets of lisbon turn their head.

back in 2005 we asked a few friends and customers to help us with an idea: all of them would get the same haircut but with different colors and would distribute our postcards when people asked them about their haircut.
it was hilarious to walk through the center of lisbon with all of them, watching the people turning their heads. we actually have some video footage we will upload soon…

six people with similar spiral haircuts and differnt colors in their hair

six people with similar spiral haircuts and different colors in their hair photographer: Patricia Almeida